Printable Corner!

Here are a few printables you might be interested in!!!

Hannaford Grocery Stores has some new coupons that can be printed and used anywhere!

$1.00/1 Breyers Ice Cream (48 oz.)

$1.00/2 Ragu products (1 lb. 8 oz. or larger)
$1.00/1 Hellmann's (30 oz. or larger)
$1.00/1 Dove Product ($2.99 or higher)

To get the coupons you will need to follow these steps.

1.Click "Add to Shopping List" for each coupon you want
2.Then Click "My Shopping List" near the top of the page
3.Click on the bold name of the coupon
4.Print each coupon seperately
There is a print limit of two and the coupons can be used at any store, not just Hannaford

Thanks Money Saving Madness!

When you sign up for the Ready Set Eat newsletter, you will receive special offers, access to coupons and more. Signup now and you can print a coupon for 50c off any Parkay product.

(Thanks Passion for Savings!)

Coupon for $1/1 AXE Deodorant or Body Spray.

$1/1 Snapple 6-pk coupon (Facebook)

$1.50/3 LEAN CUISINE® varieties

$2/1 Keri Lotion

$2/1 Bottle of ACT Total Care Dry Mouth Mouthwash



  1. I am also a Christian and I was inspired by your couponing story. I will be back frequently.

  2. Hey Amy, Love your story, My name is David so I understand why your husband is so wonderful. (LOL). on the serious side My wife and I are pastors and are trying to get into this couponing craze. I see all the shows on it and all the bulk buying. They buy $1000.00 dollars of food and pay only $27.00 how does this work do you have to buy and stockpile. teach me how to catch a fish. Thanks. Pastor David

  3. Hi there I love these stories!! Im a college student I payed my way through undergrad and got a degree and now headed to graduate school to get my doctorates in Pharmacy but while Im doing 100% school doesnt leave much time to get a serious income for i dont know like 8 years ha. I have money but I would love to learn how to stretch it. I was wondering on how to go about finding deals but that go with the stores that are by me. I just dont know where to start with this whole deal.

  4. Hi Amy!
    I saw you on the show and I am your newest follower!
    I am amazed at what you have accomplished with the Lord's help.
    Great job.
    Come and visit my blog if you can.

  5. Loved Everyone's comments!! You know, start slow on couponing. The people on extreme couponing do not normally buy $1000 of food At ONCE. Little by little collect those coupons and watch my coupon blog or any other coupon blogs and EACH WEEK you will see more and more savings! Love and blessings to you all!
    AMY Woodall