Donating to our local flood victims

This is from a local reader of Blessings N Couponing!

My husband works out at P&G and a lot of people that work there are under mandatory evacuation from their homes and living in shelters. The employees come from all over the heartland area and are spread out at shelters all over the area. They have stopped running the buses to and from Cairo, so some of them ...cannot even get to work. I am trying to put some of my stockpile into care packages for them. Can you let people know about this situation, and that if they have stockpiles to share, they can get a hold of me?

My Email address is : iggyschmidt@yahoo.com, or they can friend me on facebook. Thanks so much!

The South has had tornados, BUT here in our own area there has also be devastation in our local area from the flooding which has taken people's homes!


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