What I did today in Jefferson City MO

So, everyone knows I am in Jeff City for a week long class.  Thank Goodness it is Thursday and I get to go home TOMORROW!!

Well, my friend and I found a cute little yogurt shop called YoYums.  What a cute shop!  It is a self serve frozen yogurt shop and you can add great toppings it!!

Here is what I saw when I walked in the store....

I thought to myself  " I LOVE this shirt!!"

AND so I acted on that thought HERE.....

Now to get to the good stuff...  I could not decided which flavor I wanted...

hmmm, Red Velvet Cake, Cookies and Cream, Cheesecake decisions, decisions.

So, I just decided to sample a few of them!  My favorite was the Red Velvet Cake!!
Great Frozen Yogurt!  So, if you are ever in Jefferson City MO, head on over to YoYums frozen yogurt shop!!!

Now Tomorrow I will be heading home after class!!! YAY!!

Cannot WAIT to see my family!


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