My Thought AFTER the show :)

All in All, I really liked the show.  It showed that I give God the glory for everything HE has Done.  Remember GOD filled my cabinets HE just used coupons as the tool.  God is too cool!!

1.  I didn't "clear the shelves"  the were 2 more displays of croutons.  So, I don't want anyone getting upset about that.  I believe in "NOT" clearing the shelves.  That week Croutons were a *HOT* item so the store had ALOT of them.  Anyone could have came in after me to buy croutons!!

2.  WE DONATED those CROUTONS!!  We don't like croutons that much  :)
From my previous post we donate to Backpack on Friday program and I just LOVE this program. 

3.  Well, I am not a stay at home mom.  I work parttime as a Lactation counselor and I DO NOT spend 30 hours a week couponing BUT I do spend many hours blogging, which I LOVE to do!!

4.  Also, my monthly budget is $150.00 a month, not $80.00 but many times I stay under that $150.00

5.  I do just buy 4 papers a week.  Now if there is an item I want to buy more of I use a clipping service.  I don't do that very often, just when it is an item my family needs alot of. 

So, I am proud of the show.  I hope many people will not only learn how to coupon but maybe get interested in canning and gardening!!



  1. I loved it as well and I think its amazing what you are doing!

  2. I think your show was the best by far!!! I love that you use provide your own meat and that you can! That is awesome!

    I'm sitting here right now trying to figure out the ins and outs of couponing. I'd love to stock my utility room with groceries. I've also got 4 children and my husband has had to take a lesser paying job due to the economy and factory shut downs. This is how I came across your blog ;D

    Can you tell me, is paying $10 for a coupon class going to be worth my time? I've been invited several times to a class but have a hard time with paying $10 for it. Who gets that money and how is the person teaching worth it?

  3. Just watched your show and you did great!! You have a beautiful family :)

  4. Man, I would love to go to a coupon class. My gf's and I are planning on having a girl's night out and clip coupons/share them and our ideas. So excited! I would love to chat with you online or on the phone. We have so much in common. You can email me or FB. My email is jenngriffin04@yahoo.com Thanks!

  5. To "The Fishery", Amy is having a couponing class in May and she teaches it herself. I have learned so much just by watching her blog and on Facebook. She has been a blessing to me and my family as I have been unemployed for over a year now. I have two teenagers that eat me out of house and home! If you ever have any questions Amy is so gracious with her time and effort in responding. Thanks again Amy! God bless everyone.

  6. I only wish I was in the area for Amy's coupon class. Sadly she's several hours and several hundred miles away from me.

  7. I am so glad I found my way to your page. When I watched the show the thought occured to me that the croutons would get stale before you had a chance to use them, so I am am glad to hear you donated them to a worthy cause.I donate a lot of things I buy, as well. I am also glad that you did leave some for others. It can be frustrating for us less extreme couponers to find empty shelves and not be able to experience the savings as well. One other thing I really liked is that I do believe that you made it clear that God answered your prayers for guidance in a difficult situation.

    I have been a bit suspect about some of the other show participants methods, but you seemed to have done everything legally and politely.

  8. Wondering where the class is held also want to learn to can properly and smoke things so they last months instead of days like tomatoes liked your show and how accomplished you are Wisk laundry detergent has a dollar off coupon if you like there Facebook page. All laundry detergent will have coupons the 25th of April you can check their FB page for future info. As I am trying to stock up on any laundry detergent I am surfing the internet for further deals coupons and freebes for it In the Cape Girardeau area. Even if I have to travel a little

  9. Amy, I have watched all the "Extreme" couponing shows and thought yours was the most realistic and honest. I have been couponing for at least 20 years but my effort comes and goes with how busy I am. It is true that anyone can do it though and I thought you were inspirational! I disagree with some of the shows where the couponers "dump" etc. bins just for themselves. It's greedy really because there is no way ANYONE needs 100 years of ANYTHING! Glad to see that you are realistic and thoughtful in your purchases. Good work Missouri girl! Will be following your blog in the future!
    Karin from Springfield

  10. Amy,
    My husband and I watched your show last night and were very proud of you. As someone who has actually attended a class taught by you, the show last night reaffirmed that you are indeed truly thankful for the gift that God has given you in the skills that allow you to keep your pantry full for your family. Thank you for sharing your story with the small groups in our area and now with the world.

    Great job!
    Amy Martin - Cape Girardeau, MO

  11. I watched the show for the first time last night, and I was very impressed with what you have done for your family. I started researching couponing earlier this week, and I am already hooked. I have recruited my best friend, and we are going to make a real attempt at this. I don't have the room for a big stockpile and I can understand how having one that is established can provide for a family for years. Hopefully this can be accomplished on a smaller scale and still save us tons of money!

    I lost my job 16 months ago and I chose to return to school to get my degree. This has put a great strain on my family financially. Yesterday, I purchased my first free item - dental floss. I will use that floss as my inspiration to try and fix this mess we are in :)

    Thank you for all of your updates and advice. You should be very proud of your accomplishments, and you should take pride knowing that you are really helping others!!

    Thanks again and God Bless!

    Michelle Brown

  12. I've never visited your site before but I just wanted to say that my friends and I really liked that you not only coupon shop, but provide for your family in other ways like hunting and gardening. Kudos for thinking outside of the box!

  13. Thank you for donating! That makes me very happy to see fellow couponers donating.

  14. I think you did great on the show, I really dislike how the show proprietaries the shelf clearing but I'm glad you didn't do that. And great job with the canning and the hunting for food.

  15. I loved your shopping trip on the show. My husband, son and older daughter also hunt deer and we process it ourselves. But I love beef and my best trick at getting high quality beef at a low price is to buy by the case at Costco. Costco will lower the price per pound when buying by the case. We buy whole sirloins for less per pound than ground beef. Since there isn't a bone it makes cutting into steaks easy work. And whenever a store has good meat on sale for around $1 per pound I will buy 40-50 pounds and use the food sealer then off to the deep freeze. Having 3mo - 1yr worth of food for your family is smart and will give any family the power to live on a budget and not at the mercy of the stores.

    I think the way Amy is helping people is a blessing and am very proud of her for not shying away from her love of God on national TV.

  16. I saw your story in the Southeast Missourian, and watched your show because of that. I was impressed with your Christian testimony in both the newspaper article and the show. I plan to use some of the tips you described, both in coupons and doing more home gardening and canning. My husband is a hunter and fisherman and we enjoy his harvests too. I was excited to see that the Schnucks staff was supportive and friendly about your use of coupons. I'm just getting started in this, and your website is a great help. Thanks, and blessings to you!

  17. I saw you first on KFVS12 and then I made sure to watch you on TLC. I think you did great. I don't coupon on because I don't think I can have the sucess that you do. However, after watching the show, I am going to try. Orginization is the hard part for me. I don't want to buy something at walmart with a coupon and still pay the same price that I could have got it al Aldis. But anyway...you inspire me. Thanks for sharing your story. From a fellow Missourian.

  18. I am a new follower and would love it if you followed me back. I saw the show and thought it was great.

  19. Anonymous from Arizona!

    I would just like to say that I've seen a few episodes of this extreme couponing show, and you're my favorite. Not only do you save money on grocery retail, you always save money by hunting your own meat and canning your own veggies. Awesome! You seem like a very kind soul and just give off a good vibe. Keep up the good work and God bless your family!!

  20. I loved the show. You have a great family. I like the fact that your husband was helping you shop. I am so happy to have found this blog. I started my coupon shopping today and saved over $50 dollars in coupons just today. I hope to get better with my couponing over time. I really need to help my family any way I can and I sure hope I can learn fast cause my family sure can go for spending less on food. Thank you again for all the information you share. May God bless you and yours.

  21. Hi Amy,
    Loved the show and reading your comments here. We also love to hunt and fish and was glad to see that shown on TV. I am also very happy with the coupons that the local papers here in Cape have to offer but at times would love to be able to stock up on some items my family use a lot of. You mentioned a clipping service, what clipping service do you use?