My Coke Rewards

Many people have asked how I got free diet cokes?

Well, I signed up for My Coke Rewards.  Did you know the bottle caps have a code on them and you can enter that code in your Coke Rewards account.  The 12 or 24 packs also have the codes INSIDE the box, which are worth even more than the caps on the bottles!

There are many prizes you can redeem for you points, I usually save up until I can get free 12 packs.  Last December My Coke Rewards had a sale on 12 packs, you could have gotten a free 12 pack for 60 points, normally it is 240 points for a FREE 12 pack. 

So, if you drink Coca Cola Products you might want to think about signing up for a My Coke Rewards account, free soda!


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