Counterfeit Coupon!

I am very upset!!!  The coupon above is a counterfeit coupon and should NOT be used!!  This is very unusual because it was a bricks coupon.  So, if you printed this coupon PLEASE throw it away!!!

The Coupon Information Corporation (CIC) just added this coupon to its list of counterfeit coupons as of yesterday, April 15th.

If this coupon is redeemed the stores will NOT be reimbursed so that is why the coupon HAS to be destroyed!!!

Very very sad that someone did this!!!

Thanks hip2save for this alert!!



  1. i had that same coupon and wondered why it didnt work thanks for the heads up i got 4 total,

  2. Yes I posted this on my blog about 3 weeks ago this is very sad that someone would do something like this.