Weekly Top Ten

The Weekly Top Ten is 10 different companies we email each week.  I give them honest opinions of their products.  Many times you will receive coupons in the mail from them!!  I have never asked for coupons, also even if you receive an email from them stating they received your comment and thank you, does not mean you will not get a coupon in the mail.  I still get surprise coupons in the mail even if the company didn't say they were giving me a coupon!!  You can GO HERE to catchup on our Weekly Top Ten!

1.  Ronzoni

2.  Stouffers

3.  Lean Cuisine

4.  Blistex

5.  Puffs

6.  Scrubbing Bubbles

7.  Sally Hansen

8.  Jolly Time Popcorn

9.  Dole

10.  Captain Crunch


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