Hot Weather!

WOW!! Southeast Missouri is really hot! I mean steamy steamy hot hot! 

Like someone commented on facebook, "wish there were coupons for the electric bill!"

I really try keeping the house cool as I can.  Using certain appliances really can heat up your home and your air conditioner will have to work harder.

* I do not use the oven or stove, instead I cook on the grill or we will have salad and fruit for supper. 
* I do not use the dryer, I hang my clothes out to dry on the line.  I have to say I really really think this works.  The dryer can heat up your home, so I just use the HOT sunshine outside. :)
* I keep all the ceiling fans running, it seems to help keep everything cooler.
* I keep the curtains closed to keep that HOT sun out.

So, what are some things you do or don't do to keep your home cooler?



  1. If I have to use my oven, I use it early in the morning! I make sure there is always cold water in the fridge, and ice tea, too. We keep the AC at 78, and use a fax in the hallway to "trick" the thermostat so it doesn't always kick on as often. My electric bill went down $30 a month when I stopped using my dryer! And no lights during the day, unless we are reading or doing hand work. Sadly, our electric bill is still around $200!

  2. I unplug my computer and printer if it is not being used .. i also keep curtains closed and lights off .. our thermostat sites at 76 at night and 78 during the day .. we also keep the microwave and toster unpluged as well uless we are useing it and our bill runs between 120 and 145

  3. We keep the thermostat at 78. I very seldom use the oven in the summer, we use the grill. I hang my clothes outside and use God's dryer. We keep the ceiling fans going all the time. If the heat index is really high, we keep the blinds closed. Also have a fan in our living room that we use when we are home (the fan is right next to my husband's recliner - he never thinks the house is cool enough - he's not allowed to touch the thermostat!!) Eat ice cream!!!

  4. You are just like my mom Amy!!! She never uses the dry or oven in the summer. Also she is always pluging in fans and turning up the thermostat. I like the house at 77 so I close the vents in unused rooms and then only cool the rooms which I use.