Garage/Yard Sales

I love couponing AND I just love garage/yard sales.  The only thing I do not like about them is ..  why in the heck do they have to start at the crack of dawn???  I really like to sleep in on the weekends!

ANYWAY...  :)

There are a few things we are wanting and I WILL NOT, CAN NOT and REFUSE to pay full price.  So, the next alternative, a garage sale.

Here are a few things we are wanting...  a treadmill,  furniture for my daugher's room, SOLID WOOD furniture, color doesn't matter because I plan on stripping it and painting the furniture ;),  I also need solid wood end tables for my living room, again, I plan on stripping them also.  My son is wanting a weight bench.

So, this morning I got my household up at 6am, because there was a garage sale that had a treadmill and the sale started at 7am.  Now I also have to be at work at 8:30am. 

On the way to the sale,  after I went the wrong way on Bloomfield because of the detour and had to turn around and go the other way ( my own fault, I knew Bloomfield was closed ).  All I am thinking is, it is probably an awesome treadmill and someone will buy it before I get there, kinda like couponing ....

Well I FINALLY got there.  The treadmill is an awesome treadmill, it works ( that is a plus ;)  AND it even inclines!  WOW, didn't even want that but hey, I will take it!  The price tag.....  $40.00 what, $40.00, load it up!  Also, they had a weight bench with all the weights for $25, so my son got that also!

So, did I find an awesome deal today, I think so AND I plan on getting the furniture I need too, just have to be patient!!  I had researched prices on treadmills and just a plain o'l treadmill cost right around $250.00~

Now,  to lose 15 lb......  Now that is a WHOLE other story!



  1. Empty Nest going to Sell the Rest Sale first weekend of August at 4000 Ridge Road, Jackson....We have a dresser that is white with pink drawers. We have been working two weeks getting stuff together and a portion of sales will go to MS Society.

  2. Just a hint when you get ready to lose the weight. Drink a big glass of water right before every meal. And if you get hungry in between eat popcorn and it doesn't matter if it is salted or buttered either. It really works. I weighted 204 and lost down to 169 in 4 months and have kept it off.

  3. God does give us the desires of our heart. ;)