Aldi's Deals 7/24- 7/30

This week's Aldi's Deals!

Red Grapes $1 per lb - AWESOME!  Been waiting for grapes to go on sale!!

Strawberries .99 per 1lb package

Cherries $1.99lb

Baby Carrots .59 per 16oz package

These are some AWESOME prices!  This is a great time to stockup on fruit and FREEZE it!  That way in the fall and winter time you  can just pull at those frozen strawberries, grapes and have some great summertime goodness!  I plan on buying grapes and freezing them, then for school lunches pull them out and pop  the frozen grapes in baggies and by the time lunch rolls around, the grapes will be thawed out for the kids!  :) 


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