Looking back.....

So, some of us have been couponing for years, others for months and others just starting. For me, I started June 1st 2009. After life circumstances, I HAD to. Now, I just LOVE doing it. I love getting stuff free and very cheap. We get to try things that we would NEVER buy before because it was too expensive.

My husband says if we would have been couponing for all of these years we would have LOTS of extra money. He is probably right but, the past is the past and we are in the NOW!!!

Do I shop without my coupons? No not really. I usually have my coupons with me or in my vehicle. I did go in Walmart last weekend just to pickup a 2 liter of soda. Well, when I got in there I found some clearance and I RAN back to my vehicle to grab my coupon binder. I mean really, I was going to get the items for FREE, so I really did run.!!! :) So I have learned my lessons on that, the coupon binder goes where I go!!!

We are going to Florida in May and I already told my family that I plan on visiting some grocery stores down there to try find some GREAT deals!!! I have to, there are different kinds of grocery stores down there and I plan to find some FREE deals!!! David reminds me that we do have to bring all that stuff back and Of course the kids are already whining about that, Oh well, I am a Couponing Mom, and I will go visit other grocery chains!!!

I wanted to post something about stockpiling. If you want to stockpile, you might spend more now than you will later with using coupons. I really think you will spend overall less than BEFORE you started couponing:)

It is nice to have a stockpile because you never really "run out" of things. You get to wait for those WONDERFUL sales and get the BEST buys. If you are not there yet, just be patient and you will be!!! Before long you will need more storage space:)!!!
Now everyone's "stockpile" is different from one to another. Some think having 4 tubes of toothpaste is a stockpile, for their family it could be. I, myself, has 30 tubes of toothpaste, which I got all FREE, and that is what I consider a stockpile. So, everyone is different, so don't be pressured to have 30 tubes of toothpaste ;) Just have what you feel comfortable with and of course your storage space!!!

Couponing is work, but I really enjoy it. I love seeing my totals get lower and lower at the register, anticipating that final total. My kids are learning also. I know they even like seeing my before and after totals. It teaches them how to manage their money and how to save their money!!! They know before coupons, they just didn't get some of the stuff we get now!!

Now I have a question for you.... What food do you like BEST, that you never bought before couponing?

For me.... I LOVE the SteamFresh Veggies!!!! I never bought those before I started couponing. They taste better than can veggies and of course they are sooooo easy!!!

Tell me yours....

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  1. I have to say that I do not have a new food since I haven't bought anything that I would not already in the grocery section but I used to buy that .99 cent AIM toothpaste and I am really enjoying trying out all my very expensive FREE toothpaste now...the kids are already starting to claim stuff as soon as I get home from Walgreen's...LOL Leanne