KMART Doubles

Ok couponers, I talked to the Manager at our local Cape Kmart and here is the scoop for the Kmart Doubles ( infact he asked me to put this on my blog)!!!

He says the computers are suppose to be set to only double 5 coupons per person per day. If you have more than 5 coupons it will only double the first 5. You have to have the rewards cards, but if you don't have one you can signup at the register that day. The rewards card is to be given to the cashier FIRST then your items scanned.

So lets see how everything works out.



  1. Hi Amy,
    I met you Friday night at Lynwood and I'm so glad you came. I'm excited about getting started in couponing but am running into a few frustrations. I went to Schnuck's Monday ready to get my free Snuggle and the shelves were empty. Went to Wal-mart to price check it and they were all out too. Will they typically restock through the week? I really don't want to take up my Sunday with my family to have to beat everyone else to the deals! Any suggestions?

  2. Yes, Schnucks restocks very well, also you can get a raincheck at Schnucks!!! Which is great because you can buy it next week at the same price. Just get a rain check. I knew this sale was going to go over very well!!! But like I said Schnucks does restock very well.

  3. Is the rewards card one per family/address or can a husband and wife each get one?

  4. Husband and wife can both get one. My husband has one, he just doesn't know it LOL

  5. Thank you! One more question, and I guess it really just depends on the store, but does the person whose name is on the rewards card have to be present or can you do separate transactions and use two different cards?

  6. That is a good question and I really do not know the answer. You will probably just have to try and see.