Black Friday Tips

1.  Be Prepared..  research the Black Friday ads!  The Black Friday ads leak early.  Infact you can find most of the ad scans on blackfriday.com 
That way you can start preparing and know what store will have the item you are looking for the cheapest.
Also most stores will have a map of the store where certain popular items will be - like many of the electronics.
Also research the items you are buying - like electronics.  Make sure the item has good reviews and is not a "cheap" item you might regret buying.  
Also Wear Comfortable clothes and shoes.  Not the time to wear highheeled  boots!  There will be long lines and lots of standing!

2.  Know what time the stores open.  Many stores are opening on Thanksgiving evening this year.

3.  Also find out which stores are price matching and the stores policy  on price matching for Black Friday. Don't forget your coupons if some of your items you are buying have coupons to matchup with!

4.  Make a list.  Black Friday can be very exciting and many times people just get caught up in the excitment and end up buying things they normally wouldn't have.  So, make a list and keep to it and keep the receipts just incase you change your mind on some purchases

5.  Go with mom or sisters or great friends.  I usually go with my mom and sisters.  That way we can go in different directions in the store and grab things for each other.  Having those extra hands help get everyone's list accomplished

6.  If you find the shelf empty, ask the front to see if someone changed their mind about the item.  I have even found things laying around where
people just change their mind and just drop the item on a random shelf.  Also check on line!  Many of the Black Friday deals are going on online at the store's
website.  I scored a few deals that way. 

7.  Black Friday can be CRAZY!  So, be friendly and show the Christmas Spirit.   No deal is worth fighting over. 

I really love Black Friday.  I do love some of the deals but mainly I love spending the crazy time with my family.  There is usually a lot of coffee and  LOADS of laughing.
Making memories.  If I don't get a deal,no big deal,  those deals cannot compare to the memories we make!

PhotobucketNow if Black Friday is not your thing, you can always wait till Cyber Monday, and shop without even getting out of your pj's

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