Suzanne's Story

My story begins not as Amy’s does with a traumatic story of personal tragedy that happened to me or my family, but rather all of my problems and hardships were self inflected. I chose a path in my life that was full of pain and personal sorrow, I had every opportunity to create a wonderful life for myself and had a golden road literally laid out in front of me. After graduating high school I had a wonderful opportunity to attend a fantastic college with a scholarship in a field that I had dreamed of. Little did I know it at the time but God stepped in and had a completely different path for me.

My daughter was born the same year I was to leave for college and so my struggle was to begin. As a single mom I had countless years of hardships ahead of me and struggled through life wondering how I was to afford to live. I worked several jobs, finally landing one that paid an astronomical amount of money for me at the time. I finally could afford all of the luxuries that I felt WE deserved. I bought a new car, opened credit cards, moved out on my own to Memphis, Tennessee none the less, put my daughter in a private school, and finally started to attend college which I felt I deserved. I continued this life style just long enough to get comfortable with it. Again, God had a plan for me, which at the time I could not see, but this wonderful company I loved came crashing down around my feet. I was left with nothing, but a pile of bills and a seemingly lost life. I came crawling home to Cape Girardeau defeated, beaten, lost and not understanding why my God had forsaken me AGAIN.

Four years pass of struggle and hardship. I have happy moments of course. I meet a wonderful man, get married, have a wonderful daughter. But still question what I am doing in life and struggling through each and everyday to live a life I once knew. Paying off the debts that I once accrued and working tireless hours at a job and working to finish school so that we may live a comfortable life. I rarely find things that I am great at these days, finding only things that instead I am okay at. I am okay at doing our laundry, cleaning our house and keeping myself semi sane. I kept waiting for that AH HA moment in my life when things would fall into place and things would stop being such a struggle. I just never came. I struggle with my weight, it is just so hard to feed a family of four on a meager salary, much less feed them healthy food with the terrible economy these days. I kept praying everyday “God I know you will never give me more than I can handle, just please know I am not much stronger.” Another of my favorite prayers was; “God please tell me what path I need to be on.”

I remember specifically posting on facebook “God never gives you more than you can handle.” One day when my friend posted on her facebook that she was looking for someone, anyone to come to her couponing class given by Amy Wodall for ten dollars. I started laughing hysterically because I always remember my grandma couponing and thought what a joke. My husband told me I should go to that and learn how to actually save us some money instead of spending it all the time. So we dug up our coins and trust me it was a BIG deal for us to get the ten bucks together to go, and off I went. So can I just say this… At least the food was good… Honest to God this was my first thought about the entire couponing experience, to call me a cynic would be kind. I was brutal to Amy in this class. I just plain thought it was stupid. I thought she had to be a nut, a quack, a freak, whatever… That is until I actually talked to Amy. Wow I was wrong. I hope that I have apologized enough to her at this point! Not only does Amy know her stuff about couponing and just plain saving money, she is an honest to God wonderful person. Amy patiently answered each and every question I had and walked me step by step through the couponing process.

To say she saved my life would be an understatement. Since taking her class over four months ago we have saved over 600 dollars (and yes you cynics, I have the receipts to prove it) in groceries. And the money I have saved in soap, toiletries, toilet paper, paper towels, diapers and wipes alone has paid for our family to take our first vacation in three years! Let me share with you a quote from my husband…

“Babe, I counted we have enough deodorant that I can use a stick a month for the next three years and not have to buy and more!” (That’s over 40 sticks of deodorant for him alone in 4 months, my total cost for all of his deodorant was $13.14)

I can honestly say at this point that my prayers have been answered. I have finally found something that I am not just mediocre at, but am actually fantastic at. I have found a way to provide for my family a life that otherwise was seemingly unobtainable and met a wonderful woman who continues to be an inspiration in my life. God bless you Amy! I look forward to being an “Amy” Angel in your coupon ministry!

Thank you Suzanne for YOUR story!  A story of how God has "seasons" in our life.  We might not understand every season but there is purpose of each and everyone of them.  Suzanne YOU are inspiration in MY LIFE!  To keep trusting God when things were not going the greatest!  May God Bless you and keep Blessing YOU and your Beautiful Family!!!

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