Coupons: The FINE Print

The wording on coupons can be very confusing to a new couponer or even someone who has been couponing for awhile.  I have received many emails about the FINE PRINT on a coupon so I have decided to go over a coupons FINE PRINT

Limit 1 coupon per Transaction
For an example: The $5/1 Similac coupon said "Limit 1 Per Transaction" .  If you had 2 $5/1 Similac coupons you would NOT be able to use both coupons in ONE transaction.  You would have to do a 2nd transaction. 

Limit of 4 Like Coupons in same shopping trip
The P&G coupons have this on all their coupons.  Which is great!  BECAUSE you can buy 4 of the same items in one transaction!   I buy 4 papers a week so this is perfect!

Limit One Coupon per Purchase
This means that you can use one coupon per item you are purchasing.  Or if you have a coupon for $1/2 boxes of cereal, that coupon is attached to 2 boxes of cereal, so you can only use the $1/2.



  1. where and when do you buy your papers?

  2. I buy the sunday st louis post dispatch. I have a subscription
    For one and pick 3 more at a local grocery store or gas station

  3. I really enjoy all the useful information you give, you have helped me as a newcomer to couponing. I usually stop in several times a day to get all the latest news in the couponing world and check out the free samples. Thank you so much!

  4. Hi Amy.. Thank you for all the information. I am greatful of what you are sharing with all of us. I had a question, I am still trying to get the hang of things and would like to know how to do you choose/pick which grocery stores to shop? And do you consider to shop in bulk at stores like BJ's or Costco's?

  5. Amy,
    I have an interesting question. During your last class, you discussed Walmart accepting Walgreen coupons, but will Walmart allow you to use the coupon on multiple items up to the limit listed or only once per coupon? I.E. With the monthly Wags coupons you only need one and can get multiple items up to a printed limit, for Walmart will I need several coupons?

  6. I don't have neither one of those stores. I have a sans
    Club but I don't shop there.

  7. With the walgreens coupon it is an exact price like. 89 for
    a box of kleenex. You are price matching that price you
    Don't even need the coupon because you are pricematching! :)
    and you can buy how many you need.

  8. Since you're on the subject of Walmart and price matching, I have a question, will Walmart match prices of other stores that offer their price with rewards cards? For example if Kroger offers Cottonelle toilet paper for 5.99 with Kroger card, will Walmart match that price? Thank you!

  9. Walmart will match shopper reward card prices but walmart will not price match register reward deals or gift card deals

  10. I've heard that the Sunday papers are sometimes put out Saturday night - have you found that to be true? Tried to find a Dispatch Sunday at noon and couldn't, they were all gone.

  11. Do you pick up the SEMissourian too?