Facebook Freebies! 6/20

Today there are alot of Facebook Freebies going on, which is great! But remember there are a limited amounts being given away so you might or might not get a sample :)

Downy – at 3 pm cst, Downy is going to give away 2,579 samples of their 6 load size Ultra Downy April Fresh

Tide Stain Release - At 2 pm cst, Tide Stain Release is going to give away 25,000 10 count samples. You will need to watch the video and answer a couple questions. If you don’t get it today, you can try back on Tuesday at 11 am cst, Wed at 1 pm cst and Thursday at 7 pm cst. If you got the sample, you cannot get it again

Up2U Mentos Gum – Look under the FREE Gum tab at 11 am cst to request one of 1,000 samples. If you don’t get it today, you can try for it on Tuesday and Wednesday at 11 am cst

P&G – Sometime between 11 am and noon cst they are going to give away samples on their Facebook page
(hint - they are keeping is a "secret" )


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