Schnucks = Qualityville

Schnucks Qualityville promotion ends July 3rd!!

If you head on over here to Schnucks.com and instead of "skip and continue"  register for Qualityville.

Watch 14 short videos and Schnucks will email you a $10/$50 purchase coupon the next morning!

BUT you will have 3 days from print to use it!

You HAVE to use the $10/$50 coupon BEFORE any other coupons because your total will need to be $50 or above (before taxes) !!!

How many of you have used this coupon???



  1. I have used this coupon!

  2. i used this coupon last week with my lst p&g 10$ catalina so had to get 50 work of groceries but saved 20 right off the top with those 2 coupons..then added all my others in and got lots for cheap