How to Start Couponing!

I know I have many newbie couponers so, I bet your wondering " I have decided to start couponing, but where do I start"

First thing is first you HAVE to start getting your papers.

Our coupons come in the Sunday St Louis Post Dispatch.
 If you are not local, find which paper in your area carries these inserts...

P&G Saver

Some week's all 3 inserts are in the paper, others just a couple of inserts!

When you buy your papers, look through your papers to make sure the scheduled inserts are in them. You wouldn't be happy to get to the car and not have coupons in your paper.

You can actually buy the Sunday St Louis Post Dispatch on Saturdays at Schnucks. The papers are located by the register on a rack. If you don't get your paper on Saturday that is ok, they will be EVERYWHERE on Sunday, Gas Stations etc...

Then cut your coupons out. Organize them and watch the blog for deals!!! Remember if you are justing starting out you won't have all the coupons I list. BUT do not get discouraged the more coupons you collect each week, the more deals you are going to get!!

You will start saving quickly. Within a couple of months I really believe you will start seeing a HUGE difference!!! Just stick with it and it will pay off!!!


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  1. hi i want to start couponing and i need help