Goal for this year - paying off debt

This year my husband and I made a goal of paying off debt.  

You know life happens.  We have kids who have to have braces etc..

We have a very strong desire to be out of debt.  

I do not work outside the home at the moment.  We chose for me to be home full time again almost 2 years ago.  It was the best decision for my family - and my kids LOVE IT!

As a stay at home mom and homemaker I don't actually bring money to the plate.  I sometimes feel I need to be making money.  Of course my husband says I have a full time job + just keeping up with the household and kids. But still I want to bring some money home and help pay off debt.
So, how do we plan on paying off debt, plus saving money.

There are many ways to get creative to earn extra money and put it totally against debt ( or whatever your goal is)

Surveys.  Yes Surveys.  I earn a few extra dollars each month just completing surveys.  It might not be much but an extra $30 - $40 a month towards our goal is worth it to me.
Inbox Dollars, MySurveyOutpost Opinion

I do a little bit of Mystery shopping too!

I also make extra cash with cashback app, like Endorse and Ibotta.  I also use Shopkicks and Swagbucks

I know it doesn't sound like alot but every little bit adds up.  I also have found a small small job that will not take me away from my family and will be extra money each month.

We have made a budget.  I have been researching how I wanted to do my budget for my household. 
I do like to challenge myself on how much NOT to spend.  Of course this is where coupons come in at.

I will get $200 cash a month in an envelope and that will be my budget for groceries, paper products etc.
It doesn't sound like alot, but that is the challenge of it.  I know I can do it! Infact I spend less than that in the winter months.  With summer coming will be growing our own veggies and our fruit trees will be producing great this year.  I don't buy alot of processed food because it is not good for you and expensive ( even with coupons)
 I am really excited about the household budget!  It gives me a challenge and I am determined in accepting that challenge.

We have budget on ...
- eating out - we don't do much of this anyway
- new clothes - hopefully yard sales will be good!
- recreation
and anything else I will come up with!

So, do you have a goal this year.  Maybe it is not debt.  Maybe you are saving for a vacation, home, vehicle. 
What ways do you earn a little extra money?


  1. It's so funny that you are talking about 'budgets'. I have been watching the Crown Ministries and we are really going to get serious about MONEY!. I have been coupons really hard so far this year and I have saved over $200. We consignment shop and yard sale. We have a real problem spending full price for stuff. You are really inspiring and I really admire you on your savings journey. Keep up the blogging. I check it at least once every day.
    Yours in Christ
    Amy Hankins

  2. Oh I forgot to mention the way I make extra money. I do work full time out side of the home. I also work very part time as a virtual customer service rep. I work for a company called liveops.com. It's really great and I enjoy it. It's just hard to go home and work after I have been at my real job all day plus house work and cooking..etc.
    Amy Hankins