Jingit: Earn Cash!

Have you heard of Jingit? Get ready for this easy way to make money by watching ads online or checking in and shopping for select products at your favorite stores. You can also earn by taking surveys. You can download their app to your iphone or android for easier money making opportunities via check in.
It’s easy to get started:
  • Simply sign in with your existing Facebook account
  • Complete your registration info
    (this includes your mobile phone number, so they can send you a text message to verify you are a real person)
  • Enter the verification code they text you
  • Starting watching ads and earning cash!
In the coming weeks and months you will have the chance to interact with your favorite brands and retailers like:
• The folks that brought you Dr. Pepper TEN are at it again with five more TEN products to choose from. Try all five products: 7UP TEN, RC Cola TEN, A&W Root Beer TEN, Sunkist TEN, and Canada Dry TEN.
• A new promotion that we have coming for Bausch + Lomb allows you to download the FREE Jingit mobile app (click the banner below), and you’ll see participating Wal-Mart locations on the app where you can earn with Jingit.
• And lots of other products from Xbox, McAfee, Saving Star, Dean Foods, Wisk Detergent, and with Retailers like Target.


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