New cash back App

There is a new Cash Back App called Endorse!

When you purchase items listed on the Endorse app, you will get cash back on your grocery purchases payable by either check or Paypal. ( the items change weekly)
I even seen on the app 10% back on Fast Food.  It might not seem think much but if you are purchasing anyway why not earned a little back!

If you use Paypal you can cashout at any amount.  If you want a check you have to have $25 in your account!

Now I havn't used this app yet, because I just downloaded this morning, but I am very excited about using it!!

  • GO HERE and sign up and download the app to your iPhone or Android device 
  • Once you open the app, browse through the offers. Many of their offers are not  all brand specific
  • Make your shopping list and head to the store
  • Purchase the items on your Endorse shopping list
  • Once you are home, snap a picture of your receipt
 Now if you use coupons, the cashback will be on the FINAL price you pay for the product.

But hey, I will take cashback on any amount for items I would be buying anyway!


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