Coupon Classes!

It is a new year and one of the things you might want to do this year is use coupons more!  

I have been couponing almost 4 years and saving money never gets old!  Just like today I saved 65%!  LOVE IT!!!

I am offering Coupon Parties once again!  

What is a Coupon Party?  If you have a few friends or family who are wanting to learn how to coupon you can have a coupon party in your own home.  Coupon Parties are more one on one.

I will come to your home and teach you and your guests how to coupon.  I use a powerpoint presentation, ( so I would need a wall to shine my projector on)  and everything is completely visual.  I also go over different ways to organize your coupons and how to stockpile.  I use lots of pictures, which is always helpful.  The class last about 2 hours depending on how many questions I get. 

I have setup a pricing schedule so you can host a small or large party.  This is new for 2013 so here is the info....

  5 - 9 people - $15 per person
10 - 14 people - $12 per person
15 people of more $10 per person

How you host the party is totally up to you.  

PhotobucketIf you are interested in booking a party please email me @ blessingsncouponing@hotmail.com

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