Swagbucks and Superpoints!

Swagbucks and Superpoints are BOTH great ways to earn gift cards!  My favorite gift card is the Amazon Card.  I bought most of my Christmas by saving my Amazon cards throughout the year and purchasing most things from Amazon.  I was able to buy my 14yr old a Ipad2, which I paid NOTHING for because of all my Amazon cards.

Superpoints:  Superpoints if very easy.  Everyday you go and spend the SuperLucky Button and win Superpoints.  Get your friends to join under your link and you will win the Superpoints they win!
You can GO HERE to join Superpoints!

Swagbucks:  Swagbucks is a little different than Superpoints.  With Swagbucks you earn swagbucks by randomly searching on the Swagbucks tool bar.  There are many others ways you can win Swagbucks... Head on over here for my tutorialGO HERE to signup for Swagbucks!


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