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I have had some problems with Facebook.  Facebook is saying my links I try to add are spam.  This very frustrating!  I am trying to clearup the problem but you never know how long it will take. 

How does this happen?  Not really sure, but I do know some people could mark my Blessings N Couponing facebook page SPAM and then Facebook won't let me do much.  Very sad :(

But I will continue to post on facebook but without any links.  The links will be here on the blog. 

I do encourge you to follow Blessings N Couponing by email.  About halfway down the page, on the right hand side you will see the words, FOLLOW BY EMAIL, put in your info and you will receive ONE email a day from Blessings N Coupoing to keep you updated on all the posts.  Or of course you can come to this page as often as you like! ;)

So, please bear with me as I sort out the issue with facebook.


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