Shopping Trip of the Week!

Shopping Trip #1 ( just comment "I like #1")
7 trial size Purex 3 in 1 (not pictured because already gave them to a friend)
2 Old Spice Deoderant
2 Old Spice Body Wash

3lb bag of Cuties
1 Glade Premium Roomspray
1 Listerine Smart Rinse
3 Pediacare
1 Thomas Train toothbrush
2 Scotch Brite pads2 Breathe Right Strips
1 Herbel Essence Conditioner6 Wiskas wet cat food
5 Gain Fabric Softner
5 Gain Dryer Sheets
2 bottles Shout
Total before coupons: $98.05
Total AFTER coupons: $6.50
Shopping Trip #2 ( no picture :)
If you like THIS trip comment #2
2 Jars Heinz Chicken Gravy $1.69 each
2 Ore-Ida Steam and Mash $2.69 each
2 Purina Friskies 3 lb bags $3.79 each
5 Good Life Recipe cat food trays $0.65--on clearance!
3 Nature Valley Granola bars-4 pk $1.00 each

(2) Buy any Steam and Mash get Heinz gravy free
(1) 1/1 Ore Ida Steam and Mash
(1) 75/1 Ore Ida Steam and Mash
(3) 1/1 Good Life Cat food
(2) 1.50/1 Good Life Cat food
(2) 1/1 Purina cat food
(1) 1.50/3 Nature Valley TQ

Total before coupons: $22.59
Total after coupons: $1.75
Shopping Trip #3
If you like THIS shopping trip comment #3
Total Before Coupons was $33.17
Total After Coupons $4.07 and left with a $1 RR for next time!

2 swiffer wet moping 12pk refills
1 febreeze set and refresh
2 knee highs
1 always pads
I kit kat
2 pedicare fever reducers
1 pack of shick disposable razors

You can make the comments under this post or on Facebook! Just enter which number you like the best!
It will ended on Wednesday 3/16
The winner will win a $10 Schnucks Card!!
Do you have an AWESOME Shopping Trip? Will email me your shopping trip with before and after totals and a picture if possible! YOU might be picked NEXT WEEK!



  1. I like number one
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  2. I like #2. :) Thanks for telling what coupons you used...

  3. I Like #1: Cindy_rde@sbcglobal.net

  4. I like number 1