My Family's Money Saving Project!

So, have you been wondering what my family's money saving project is????  Well, this project is a project in progress!  So, exciting!!!

This is the beginning of the project, just a box hmmm???

Look what was in that box!

Our chicks!!!  The beginning of raising chickens!

My daughter, Kaelyn, has named each and everyone of them

My son, Kolten, this chick is HIS, he says!

So as you can see our money saving project is a project in process!  We are raising chickens for eggs.  I will be posting pictures as the chicken coop is being built!! 

So any of YOU have chickens?



  1. We have chickens & love it! Currently we have 4 full size laying hens, 1 bantam rooster, & 11 babies!

  2. Oh, & we get about 7 eggs every other day!

  3. We have chickens too, about 25 hens. I sell the eggs to my uncles, all the egg money goes to a savings account for the kids. It is a good way to save money without thinking about it. Last year my kids made over $400.00 and this year is good so far. I gave them artificial light throughout the winter so they would lay more. It worked great with a cheaper timer (like you would use on Christmas lights.) Good Luck!!! they are a lot of fun.