My Walmart Deal!!!

WOHOO!!! I know you can't see me, but right now I am doing the "WOHOO" Dance!!

I scored at Walmart !!

Here is what I bought

3 lbs ground beef $7.78
2 loaves bunny bread $$1.47 each

4 -MillStone Coffee $1.64
5 -Purex 3 N 1 (2pk found in Travel section) .97 each
2 - Dial lotin $1.97
4 -Travel Size Clinical Secret $2.47 each
8 -Pkg U by Kotex Liners $1.24 each
Sponge .78

Coupons Used
5 - $3/1 Purex 3 n 1 ( over $2 overage on each!!)
4 - $2/1 Clinical Secret deo.
4 - $2/1 Mills Stone Coffee (got overage)
4 - $2.50/2 U by Kotex (got overage)
2 - $2/1 Dial Lotion ( got overage)
AND I used a $1 Register Reward from Walgreens!!

Total BEFORE coupons $46.65

YAY!!! I even bought the bread and ground beef!!!

There were NO PROBLEMS! The cashier didn't know ANYTHING about the new coupon policy but the manager did and he was soooo totally cool!!!

This was at Cape Walmart!!


  1. That gives me hop at Cape Walmart! I'm going to try to make my grocery list this weekend and give them a shot. I'm tempted by the overages even when using coupons on stuff I dont need (I can always donate these things). Thanks for posting!!


  2. That's awesome. My boyfriend is an assistant manager at Cape Wal-mart so I'm always asking him questions about coupons and he actually wasn't even aware of half of the things I told him. I'm glad that they were knowledgeable and didn't give you a hard time!

  3. I looked at Clippin W carrie and she has a list of about 10 things that give you overages right now and I got several extras plus those for a great deal last night---just for the heads up the Walmart at cape is out of dial lotion for 1.97 and they did not stock the gain for cheap but I substituted another gain item and the coupon worked