Superpoints = FREE Gift Cards!

Superpoints is an easy way to earn FREE Gift Cards!  I have been using Superpoints for a year now and really like it!

It doesn't cost a thing! 

The way you earn Superpoints it by spinning the Super Lucky button everyday!  You will randomly earn Superpoints!  Also get your friends to signup too because you will earn their first 1000 superpoints!

 You can always earn Superpoints by completing surveys and watching videos!

I LOVE all the different Gift cards you can redeem you superpoints for...

Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy is just a few!

Head on over here to signup!


1 comment:

  1. Hi Amy! thanks for the wonderful posts!
    Is this site the same as gifthulk? I've been using gifthulk for about a month now and I managed to redeem 3 gift cards already, is it the same pace here?