Current House Parties to apply for!

House Parties are GREAT FUN!  You can apply for House Parties HERE.
House Party makes it easy to have a party in your own home and get exclusive access to products for you and your friends!  House Party proves products and coupons for the party!

Many of blessings n couponing readers have been selected for House Parties! 

Lots of FUN!

Here are the current House Parties you can Apply for!  If you win make sure to let us know!

Weight Watchers Sweet Treats House Party
FreshDirect Gourmet Your Way House Party
Nicholas Sparks Potluck House Party
Silk® Marvelous Mornings House Party
Sweet Freedom to Indulge House Party
Keurig® Vue™ House Party
Because I Am A Girl House Party
Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure House Party

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