Now if you have signed up for Swagbucks, you will also want to signup for Superpoints! Superpoints will also earn you FREE Gift Cards, but you will not need to search. It is a little different from Swagbucks but you still earn free gift cards!

The one BIG difference with Superpoints is that you can only signup by invitation! Superpoints is by invitation ONLY! I have 15 invites available, once someone uses the invite it cannot be used again, so the invites are first come first serve.

So click on one of the links below to start earning points, if that link has been used then try the next one! I will list more invites as they are given to me :)

ALSO Make SURE you fill out ALL your profile info so you can advance to the next level, from BASIC to GOLD to PLATINUM!! With each new level you get more spins on the Super Lucky Button

To view the memberships, scroll to the bottom of the Superpoints page and click on Membership Levels, then you can see what you need to do to advance to the next level. To get to BASIC level you just need to finish your profile info.

If these are taken you can email me your name and email address and I will send a personal invite. You can email me @ blessingsncouponing@hotmail.com

I keep the invites updated, so once they are used I issue new ones :)

Invite #1

Invite #2

Invite #3

Invite #4

Invite #5

Invite #6

Invite #7

Invite #8


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