How to Organize your stockpile

How to Organize your stockpile. What a statement! You are now a SUPER couponer and you have STUFF EVERYWHERE!! Trust me I have been there!!

I like having a stockpile BUT I am also a very organized person. I like to know EXACTLY what I have.

Everyone has a different kind of space. You might just live in an apartment and have limited space on how you can organize.

My husband built me shelves in the basement, which you can see here. They are nothing fancy just plywood and 2x4's and some recycled things. We didn't really spend anything on this because most of the wood was gave to us. But building shelves like this is really inexpensive.

Then I decided I needed MORE room, so we turned our hall closet into a pantry, which you can see here! One of the best things I have EVER done. I LOVE it!! We just added shelves and it was done!

I have a couple of other things in progress. We are actually building another pantry in the mudroom and I have some other organizing ideals!!

So, I want to know how do you organize???? Is your space limited? This gives everyone ideas so they can make their stockpile SHINE!!

Please leave a comment or even email me pictures!!! blessingsncouponing@hotmail.com


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